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As a byproduct of literally the world's largest active volcano (Mauna Loa), this coffee is surely going to ignite your mornings. This blend contains beans that are surely a work of art. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil and steep slopes where frequent tropical rains make the ideal climate for growing coffee.

Given Kona’s steep geography, all coffee beans are carefully chosen and handpicked by farmers who have been working the land for decades. This allows the farmer to approve every bean that leaves their farms. Given the limited arable land within the Kona Region (The Kona Coffee Belt), the supply for these premium beans can’t keep up with the growing demand.

The coffee is blended to assure that the beans retain the flavours, body and acidity of genuine 100% Kona Coffee but at a more affordable price to the end-user.

Try this coffee as soon as possible! With a limited supply, we’ll never know if/when this coffee becomes inaccessible. (340g)

  • Notes: Nuts, fruit
  • Best Brew: Pour Over
  • Origin: Kona, Hawaii
  • Elevation: 500 - 900 metres
  • Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Roasted and packaged in Canada