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PackTowl Personal - Face - Pervious Season


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Sky Blue

  • Exceptionally soft and smooth, this towel is the ideal choice for next-to-skin comfort. It’s available in sizes large enough for any activity, but is light and compact enough to follow you everywhere.

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    • Ultrasoft: Polyester/Nylon microfiber blend offers unmatched softness on your skin.
    • Antimicrobial Treatment: Reduces odor retention and increases the life of your towel.
    • 4X Rapid-Cycle Absorbency: Soaks up four times its weight in water; then wrings out almost completely dry - over and over.
    • Durable: Tough Poly/Nylon blend provides maximum durability in a lightweight fabric.
    • Easy Care: Machine wash, then hang dry using the convenient snap loop or tumble dry.
  • Face (Small)
    Weight 0.7 oz / 20 g
    Width 10 in / 25 cm
    Length 14 in / 35 cm
  • pack towl, pack towel, quick dry, quickdry, microfiber, micro fiber, travel

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