Boat & Board Shipment Status

Thanks for pre-ordering a kayak, canoe or SUP for 2021!

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Following is the most current information we have been given from our suppliers regarding ETA's. The purpose of this page is to provide full transparency; as soon as we receive new information from our suppliers on ETA's or delays it will be reflected here. If you don't know your shipment number, please contact us.

Please understand it's our goal, as well as our suppliers, to get you on the water as soon as possible. There are many factors that are contributing to production delays. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any delivery dates. If you're able to find a boat elsewhere while waiting for yours, or the delay has become too long, we are offering full refunds on deposits with no penalty.

We will call you when your boat or board arrives. We ask that pick-ups please happen within one month of arrival and that you schedule a pick-up time at least 24 hours in advance.

Shipment Status
Delta #1 Received in full. Happy paddlers!
Delta #2 Arrived May 11, 2021. If you have a kayak on this order please arrange a pick-up time with us.
Delta #3 Current ETA June/July
Delta #4 Current ETA August
Delta #5 Current ETA August/September
Wilderness Systems & Perception #1 Received in full. Happy paddlers!
Wilderness Systems & Perception #2 Current ETA June
Wilderness Systems & Perception #3 Current ETA August
Red Paddle Co. #1 Received in full. Happy paddlers!
Red Paddle Co. #2 Current ETA June
Blu Wave #1 (Rigid Boards) Received in full. Happy paddlers!
Blu Wave #1 (Inflatables) Just arrived!
Blu Wave #2 Current ETA June/July
Nova Craft Canoe #1 Current ETA late May
Aqua Fusion Kayaks #1 Current ETA late May