A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond

Firefly Books Ltd.

  • Author: Kevin Callan

    A guide to Canoe Country -- Ontario's Quetico Provinical Park adjoining Wisconsin's Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Includes detailed route descriptions, maps showing all access points, important river features and accurate portage lengths.

    Canoe country's most up-to-date guide.

    Located west of Lake Superior on the Canada-U.S. border and known to countless thousands of paddlers simply as "Canoe Country," Quetico Provincial Park is Ontario's second-largest wilderness park. It connects to the United States via the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, mainland America's largest protected tract of wilderness. The area receives over 200,000 visitors a year.

    Kevin Callan is a renowned paddling personality, and his new book describes 10 of Quetico's best trips, plus five adventurous excursions to destinations just beyond the park's boundaries. Trips range from weekend recreational paddles to 10-day multi-lake loops, and there is something for every skill level. All route maps are original and up to date, correcting many of the common errors found in other publications.

    One could spend a lifetime paddling the waters of Quetico Provincial Park, with its more than 600 lakes and five major rivers. And with an average portage length of only 435 yards, it's all about the paddling.
    • Baptism Creek / Trousers Lake Route
    • Pickerel Lake / Rawn Lake Route
    • Jean Lake / Sturgeon Lake Loop
    • Sturgeon Lake / Olifaunt Lake Loop
    • International Canoe Derby Route
    • Poohbah Lake Route
    • Bentpine Creek Loop
    • Wawiag River Loop
    • The Pines Loop
    • Leopold's North Country Loop
    • Hunter Island Loop

    • White Otter Lake Route
    • Wabakimi's Center of the Universe Route
    • Upper Albany River Route, by Lynn Cox
    • Wabakimi's Palisade River Route, by Phil Cotton
    • Woodland Caribou Sampler Route, by Kathy and Scott Warner

    Specs: 50 color photographs, 15 color maps, resources, bibliography, index
    Pages: 192
    Trim Size: 6" x 9" x 5/8"
    Language code 1: eng
    Publication Date: 20070418

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