Esbit Alcohol Stove/Cookset


$79.95 CAD

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  • If you are often out and about alone, this compact, especially light cookset is for you. The burner is made from brass and the remaining items from hard anodized aluminum.

    The small pot holds about 470 ml and also serves as a lid for its counterpart, which has a capacity of around 985 ml. Both pots have folding handles made of stainless steel. The stand can be transported in the large pot to save space. The folding handle on the flame regulator allows for easy killing of the flame.

    Esbit developed this set for those people who now and again would like to satisfy more than just little hunger pangs with a little, compact cookset with alcohol burner – but for whom weight and pack size are still important. The stand, the shelf for Esbit solid fuel tablets and the alcohol burner, for example, can easily be stored inside the large pan. To make sure that it’s easy to put out the flame after cooking, this set is also fitted with a flame regulator with fold-away handle.

    • Made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminum
    • Pots without non-stick-coating
    • Compact cookset
    • Small pot can also be used as lid
    • Flame regulator of the burner with fold-away handle for convenient killing of the flame
    • Set can be stacked into each other
    • Large pot with volume indicator in litre / oz
    • With convenient meshbag

    • Size packed: ~ B 128 x H 147 mm
      Weight: ~ 417 g
      Volume: ~ 985 ml, 470 ml