Eureka VCS16 Tarp & Mesh Room Combo


  • If you like to backpack and canoe in all conditions but need a rest break from the elements and insects then check out the VCS Backpacker system. Easy to pack, easy to set up, the VCS provides rain and shade protection and a bug free environment with room to move.
    • Tarp constructed with UV resistant Armatech 75D Polyester with 1500mm coating for years of dependable use.
    • Parawing tarp design provides maximum rain/sun protection while effectively shedding wind.
    • Tarp: 12 foot side measures with a 16 foot diagonal measure.
    • Side release buckle locations for quick attachment of mesh bug room to tarp
    • Mesh room maximum dimensions provide a 6 foot peak height and 8'6"x8'6" floor coverage.
    • Mesh room has vertical zipper door entry.
  • Tarp weight 4lbs. 8oz.
    Mesh room weight 3lbs. 2oz.
    Mesh room dimensions 8'6" x 8'6" max
    Interior height 7' at tallest corner
  • bug shelter, bug net netting, mosquito

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