A Paddler's Guide to Killarney and the French River

Firefly Books Ltd.

  • Author: Kevin Callan

    A guide to the twenty canoeing, kayaking and hiking trips in Ontario's Killarney-French River, including detailed route descriptions, maps showing all access points, important river features and accurate portage lengths.

    The latest addition to Kevin Callan's guidebook series provides the 20 best canoeing, kayaking, and hiking trips in Ontario's picturesque Killarney/French River region, a favorite wilderness getaway spot in central Ontario. At least three of the routes in this book are documented here for the first time.

    Situated at the north end of Georgian Bay, Killarney Provincial Park is a paddler's paradise of rugged, windswept islands and turquoise lakes beneath breathtaking white quartzite mountains. The nearby French River is a historic waterway once used by explorers Samuel de Champlain, Alexander Mackenzie, and David Thompson.

    Paddlers of all experience will find weeklong trips on Killarney's tranquil interior lakes and along the Georgian Bay shoreline, and weekend jaunts down remote stretches of the French River. The book includes detailed maps, suggestions for side trips, and color photographs, making this the ideal reference for planning a dream trip by canoe or kayak. Callan's fascinating notes and his trademark tales of adventure and misadventure add to the reading pleasure.
  • Killarney Canoe Routes
    • OSA Lake
    • Threenarrows Lake Loop
    • To the Crack and Back
    • The Big Loop
    • Northwest Loop
    • Bell-David Loop
    • East Panache Loop
    • Nellie Lake Loop
    • Bear Lake Loop

    Killarney Kayak/Canoe Routes
    • Bell Lake/Silver Peak
    • Philip Edward Island
    • Fox Islands
    • Panache Lake

    French River Canoe Routes
    • Eighteen Mile Island Loop
    • The Restoule/ Upper French

    French River Kayak/Canoe Routes
    • Lower French Figure-Eight Loop
    • The French River's Old Voyageur Channel
    • French/Pickerel River Loop

    Take a Hike
    • Granite Ridge Trail
    • Chikanishing River Trail
    • Cranberry Bog Trail
    • East Lighthouse and Tar Vat Trail
    • George Island Trail
    • Silver Peak
    • Baie Fine
    • Silhouette Trail Loop

    Winter in Killarney
    • Frozen in Time
    • Christmas in Killarney
    • The Joys of Freezing to Death

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