A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes

Firefly Books Ltd.

  • Author: Kevin Callan

    A guide to trips along Ontario's lesser-known waterways -- includes detailed trip descriptions, maps of all access points, accurate portage lengths, tips, advice, history, folklore and more.

    Take the path less traveled along lesser-known waterways. Some of the routes featured in this book are little known; some haven't been documented for as long as 50 years. The 15 trips range from two to eight days, involve all types of water, and are suitable for canoeists of all skill levels.

    • Wabakimi Provincial Park
    • Steel River Loop
    • Chapleau and Nemegosenda Rivers
    • Wakami Lake Loop
    • Ranger Lake Loop
    • Dunlop Lake Loop
    • Lac aux Sables: Bark Lake Loop
    • Nabakwasi River Loop
    • Four M Circle Loop
    • Tatachikapika River
    • Chiniguchi River
    • Temagami's Canton Lakes
    • Marten River Provincial Park
    • South River
    • York River

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