Frontenac Provincial Park Map

Friends of Frontenac Park

Frontenac Provincial Park is a 5355 ha backcountry park located 45 minutes north of Kingston. Open year-round, it offers over 100 km of interconnected hiking trails, interior camping and various paddle routes through the Canadian Shield landscape.

The fifth edition of the Frontenac Provincial Park map came out in January 2015. The map, published by Friends of Frontenac Park, is a joint effort between the park staff, the Friends, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Mapping Branch.


  • The cover shows watercolor painting of Slide Lake by Katherine Cartwright, a local artist.
  • The colour topographical map scale is 1:20000, with both contour lines and shading to enhance the topographic relief.
  • The distance measure of the trail loops is more precise.
  • Distances of trail segments (marked by small black stars) are indicated.
  • Common canoe routes are shown.
  • The campsites in each cluster are now marked as a, b, c and d.
  • The layout of the back of the map was re-designed and the information has been reviewed and large portions re-written.
  • The map is printed on normal paper.

Please note: The picture of the map is a sample and does not show the entire map.

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