Lole I Glow Yoga Mat


  • This eco-friendly, PVC-free yoga mat is as radiant as the sun. Its adhesive surface grips the floor so you can get grounded in your poses… and your day. And its sunny yellow color represents the third chakra, the seat of fire and personal development.

    This is a Canadian company
    • Made of 100% TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) composite material.
    • Non-toxic, PVC-free, Chlorides-free,
    • Light weight (with specific gravity of 0.10 g/cm³)
    • Superior-grip in wet and dry
    • High elasticity and resilience
    • Water-repellent
    • Cold-resistant
    • Recyclable and reusable to avoid environmental pollution and reduce junk.
    • Photodegradable
    • Dimensions : 72 inches x 24 inches (183 cm x 61 cm)
    • Thickness : 6 mm

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