Petzl Pirana Descender


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  • Descender for canyoning

    The PIRANA descender offers multiple braking options and can be installed on the rope without removing it from the harness. Designed for use with canyoning descent techniques.

    ***For safety reasons, all climbing gear is final sale***
    • Three different braking positions to select from before beginning a descent
    • Two braking spurs allow friction to be increased during descent
    • A carabiner with a cross section of around 12 mm (e.g. ATTACHE or WILLIAM) provides a tight fit in the small hole, creating a "rigid" carabiner / descender unit
    • Stays attached to the harness during rope insertion, to help prevent loss
    • Reduces the risk of leverage on the carabiner gate due to poor positioning
    • The PIRANA helps prevent the formation of a lark’s head hitch around the body and reduces rope twisting, without decreasing braking friction

      • Material(s): hot forged aluminum body
      • Weight: 90 g
      • Rope compatibility: For use on a single rope, 8 - 13 mm in diameter. Can be used on doubled rope, but certain braking positions are not usable depending on the rope's diameter