Red Paddle Co. 11'0" Compact Package 2021

Red Paddle Co.

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  • Full of practical features and innovations, this board is an ideal match for paddlers who regularly travel with their board or want to adventure further with the convenience of an all-in-one package. The increased length makes this board perfect for longer paddling adventures and paddlers traveling the world with their SUP.  

    Designed with a more drawn out shape to increase glide, the 11’0 Compact is ideal for paddlers who want to travel and explore without limitation. The board has a quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity, while the central living hinge means the board can be folded and rolled into a super small package, making it the most transportable adventure SUP on the market.

    Based on the ever-popular Red Paddle Co 11’0 Sport MSL, this board provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. Its extended length offers a fantastic step up from an all-rounder, while also catering for slightly heavier riders.

    Ships to Canada Only

    • Timeless design: The Red Paddle Co iconic design has been updated for 2021 with a more streamlined look and feel. The extended Red embossed deck pad now reaches right down to the tail, wraps closer to the rails, and offers superior comfort and grip. The diamond-cut rear provides extra stability for performing step back turns, or for riding in bigger waves.

      Flat Bungee Cargo System – UNIQUE TO RED PADDLE CO! – The self-closing, flat bungee straps are now larger, creating more tension to keep all your gear on your board! All boards come with three bungee straps on the nose, setting you up perfectly for adventures to come.

      Ergonomic tubular handles are on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

      New Titan II pump! Included with all Red Paddle Co. SUP packages, the newly refined industry-leading Titan II pump takes you from neatly-packed to fully-inflated in half the time, with half the effort.

      5 Piece Paddle: The world's first 5-piece paddle for ultimate transportability. Our new anti-twist adjustment system with 45 degree cut push-pin technology has resulted in our most compact paddle yet.  Made of high-modulus carbon for extra rigidity, with a durable pure nylon blade.
      • Length: 11'0"
      • Width: 32"
      • Thickness: 4.7"
      • Volume: 169 litres
      • Max Rider Weight: up to 240 lbs
      • Packed Board Weight: 29 lbs

      What's Included:
      • Board (including fins)
      • Red Paddle Co Compact Backpack
      • 5-Piece Paddle
      • Titan II Pump
      • 8' Coiled Leash
      • Repair Kit
      • Water resistant phone case
    • A SUPERB COSMETIC FINISH – All Red Paddle Co boards have an industry-leading cosmetic finish. No wrinkles or blemishes. The boards look cleaner and smoother and even feel better to the touch.

      WEIGHT-SAVING BUT STABLE – All Red Paddle Co boards are up to 2kgs lighter than the previous double layer construction. But very importantly they are not too light. If a board is ultra-light it is more affected by wind and current while on the water. MSL boards have a reassuring lightweight feel.

      STIFF AT LOWER PRESSURES – Due to the Torsion Stiffness effect all Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer at lower pressures compared to other products on the market.  A pressure of between 16-22psi. is recommended.  Less pumping and more paddling.

      ENHANCED DURABILITY – The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Co. boards is tough and durable. With their third generation of MSL material now in use, Red Paddle Co. boards are more durable than ever.