S'wich Guard

Banana Guard


Aren't you tired of having squished sandwiches?  How about never needing to use plastic wrap again?  The S'wich Guard was designed with the above in mind.  It fits most common sandwich bread sizes and as a bonus it can double as your plate!  It is even safe for the microwave for your gourmet hot lunch.

Specs (excluding handle): 13 cm (5.125 inches) in width by 13.5 cm (5.25 inches) in length by 4 cm (1.5 inches) in depth.

S'wich Guards are made of FDA approved recyclable plastic, BPA-FREE and made in Canada where they pass through the highest quality assurance testing. The Banana Guards, the Froot Guards/Cases and the S'wich Guards are of course dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This product is made in Canada

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