Tentsile Tree Protector Straps


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    • Tentsile Tree Protector Straps help to protect bark and the delicate Cambium layer beneath. Pressure from straps can otherwise cause long-term damage to the anchor tree. Tentsile has partnered with The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to make sure everyone using Tentsile Tree Tents knows how to treat the great outdoors with love and respect.
      The straps are 6'6" / 2m in length, come in packs of three and have loops at both ends, through which you can thread your tent straps.

      • Pack of 3
      • Length: 6'6" / 2m
      • Width" 3" / 7.5cm
      • Weight capacity: 5 tons
      • Pack or 3 weight: 3lbs / 1.5kg