Traveler's Mosquito Bed Net - Deltamethrin Impregnated

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  • This deltamethrin impregnated bed net is for use outside Canada in countries where there is a risk of contraction malaria. It is designed for tropical climates with a 156 mesh which is wide enough to allow good ventilation and fine enough for optimal protection.
    • Decreases the risk of malaria transmission by at least 90%
    • Acts as a physical barrier (nylon, mesh 156) and chemical barrier (deltamethrin).
    • Deters, irratates and kills the mosquitos, flies, mites, fleas and other insects
    • Increases traveller's comfort
    • Safe for humans and the environment
    • Health Canada, the C.D.C of USA and W.H.O. recommend the impregnation of mosquito nets with insecticide to give additional protection against insect borne diseases.

    • Concentration: 15 to 25 mg per square meter.
    • Expected life of treatment: 1 year when in use. 10 years if stored in a plasic bag, in a dried and dark place.
    • Colourless and odorless
    • More stable, durable and more wash-resistant than permethrin.
    • Avoid exposure to sunlight.
    • Do not bleach, avoid frequent washing.
    • Re-treat after 4 washes or buy a new one.
    • Weight: 450g
    • Size
      • 12.5 m circumference
      • 2.5 m height
      • 65 cm roof
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