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  • You’ve got enough noise coming from the people in the backseat. Keep car noise to a minimum with a fairing. This finishing touch to your rack system moves air flow up and over the rack, which not only reduces noise, but drag as well to aid gas mileage. Available in 32”, 38”, 44” and 50” widths.
    • Moves wind up and over rack, reducing noise and drag
    • Hardware included for quick installation.
    • Available in a variety of other widths. Find the right size for your vehicle at Fit My Car or determine how many bugs you want it to squish on each trip
    • Only for use with round crossbars
    • Also a great place to show off your sticker collection
        • FAQ:

          Q: Do I need any tools to install it? A: Nope.

          Q: What size is right for my vehicle? A: Check the Fit List first. The size has to do with looks more than function, as any size will effectively reduce wind noise. When in doubt, measure the top of your windshield and make your best judgment. Guidelines for choosing a fairing are: 1. The feet must touch the roof, 2. The brackets must attach to crossbars with no interference, and 3. There should not be contact with siderails or vehicle roof.  Using a different size will not affect the warranty, as long as these guidelines are followed.

          Q: How much will it reduce wind noise? A: The fairings can reduce wind noise and vibration UP TO 85%. Actual reductions will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

          Q: What maintenance should be performed on the fairing? A: We recommend periodic tightening of the hex keys to make sure they are tight. It is also a good idea to clean the bottom side of the pads that touch your roof to make sure there is no dirt, etc that can scratch the paint.

          Q: How can I mount this with other accessories without interference? A: There are many ways to mount a Fairing to achieve the best fit and avoid interference. The Fairing should be mounted just below the level of the top of the crossbars so that long loads and accessories can pass over the top. You may also need to install some accessories reversed to allow them to fit with a fairing. Download the product instructions for more information.

          Q: Why did you switch to the new type of fairing? A: The new design can be mounted farther back on the roof over painted surfaces, where the previous style would cause damage. As more cars are designed with a jelly-bean shape and with the increase in factory installed rack on vehicles, it was a necessary transition.

          Q: Can I move my front crossbar to help the Fairing fit better? A: If you are using Q Towers, or any other system where the bar placement is already specified, do not move the front crossbar, as doing so can make the rack unsafe.

          Q: Wow, those fairings are expensive, got anything cheaper? A: We do have the WindJammer, which is less expensive but will not reduce noise as much.