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Yakima MakoSaddle


  • Let your boat ride like a king atop your roof with this easy-to-load saddle system. It’s a stable ride on protective pads with Dynaflex™ grips that give snug hold once the heavy-duty straps are tightened. Pair with a set of of HullyRollers for even easier loading.
    • Provides easy loading and a stable ride for your boat
    • Pads protect the hull, and Dynaflex™ grips provide a snug hold when you tighten the straps
    • Each set includes one Heavy-Duty Strap and one Bow/Stern Tie-Down
    • Premium heavy-duty straps with coated metal buckles protect boat and vehicle
    • Comes with two saddles per package. To complete the system, add HullyRollers or another pair of Mako saddles.
    • Fits rack systems with round and square crossbars. Fits factory and aerodynamic crossbars with Mighty Mounts.
    • Q: How many pairs of Mako Saddles do I need? A: Two pairs of saddles, or a pair combined with one pair of HullyRollers will carry one boat.

      Q: When should I use a bow/stern tiedown? A: Every time! It is essential to tie a boat's ends to the ends of the vehicle to stabilize a boat against the hurricane-force winds created by traveling at highway speed. While any non-elastic tie down that is strong enough can be used, a Bow/Stern Tie Down makes the job easy and takes good care of the car.

      Q: What type of boat will the Mako Saddles carry? A: Mako Saddles are intended for any kayak with a rigid hull.

      Q: Why did Yakima replace TLC Saddles with Mako? A: Although TLC Saddles were a great product, the "floating pad" feature on the Mako Saddles will stay out of the way while loading, making it easy to slide a boat into position, but provide a sure grip when straps are pulled tight. The Makos also have a lot less hardware to tend to, simplifying installation.

      Q: Can I used Mako Saddles on my car? A: Load capacity varies by vehicle. Look in the Fit List to see what accessories can be used on your vehicle. If "kayaks" are on the list, then Mako Saddles are appropriate.


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