Yakima Q Stretch Kit


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  • Goes a long way toward helping little roofs carry bigger loads.
    • Works with Yakima Q Tower system to increase crossbar spread on vehicles with short roofs
    • For specific vehicle fit information, see Fit My Car or the Yakima Fit List
      • Q: How much can I carry? A: This varies by vehicle, load type and crossbar length. In general, the Q Stretch Kit is used to improve load capacity. Check the Fit List to find out what load types and weight capacity applies when using the Q Stretch Kit with your car. If the Q Stretch Kit is not specifically listed for your vehicle, then don’t try to use it.

        Q: I have a factory rack, will the Q Stretch Kit still work? A: Sometimes it will. Look up your vehicle in the Fit List. If a Q Stretch Kit option is listed in the "with a factory rack” section then it should work. Also check for notes at the end of the listing to see if the factory rack causes any limitations.

        Q: What sort of maintenance should I perform? A: Performing maintenance is always a good idea to protect your car and make your rack system last longer. Lubricate nuts, screws, or bolts with grease. Lubricate locks with graphite. Remove the rack when not in use, or at least periodically to clean the pads and the vehicles roof. Clean the rack periodically, especially in marine environments and where road salt is used.

        Q: How can I be sure the system is installed correctly? A: There is no substitute for following all instructions. You can download instructions on the Q Stretch Kit page. Be sure to perform both the Clip Safety Check and Tower Safety Check after every installation. The Q Clip instructions may have additional notes for your vehicle.

        Q: Will the Q Stretch Kit work with other applications? A: The Q Stretch Kit can only be secured to Q Towers, and works only with recommended Q Tower applications. If the Q Stretch Kit is not listed as an option for your vehicle in the Fit List, then please don’t try.