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Yakima RailGrab Kit 58"


  • For those with raised or flush side rails, the Rail Grab is a no-brainer. It’s low profile, giving your roof rack a sleek, integrated look. It’s also easy to install and remove with included onboard tool.
    This kit is sold complete with four towers and a pair of 58" crossbars.
    • Versatile design accommodates vehicles with raised or flush side rails
    • Low profile provides a sleek, integrated look for your roof rack
    • Includes onboard tool for easy on/off
    • Package of 4 towers and 2 58" crossbars
    • Lockable with SKS Lock Cores (sold separately)
    • Q: What else is needed to complete a basic rack set up? A: Locks are not required, but a really good idea.

      Q: Is there a way I can make the towers taller? A: There is no way to make the towers taller.

      Q: What sort of maintenance should I perform? A: Performing maintenance is always a good idea to protect your car and make your rack system last longer. Lubricate nuts, screws, or bolts with grease. Lubricate locks with graphite. Remove the rack when not in use, or at least periodically to clean the pads and the vehicles roof. Clean the rack periodically, especially in marine environments and where road salt is used.

      Q: How do I know if the towers are installed correctly? A: Check the safety steps in the RailGrab instructions. These guidelines will help you determine if the installation is correct.

      Q: Will the rack make a lot of noise? A: Maybe. Wind noise is hard to predict, but it is more often an issue when the rack has little or no load. We make two products, the Fairing and Windjammer, to help control this situation. Large loads tend to dampen noise also. If you have a sunroof the fairing is a good way to help control air flow.

      Q: Will it damage my car? A: We take fitting cars very seriously, and do everything we can to minimize any effect our rack may have on your cars. However, anything coming into contact with a car’s finish, our racks included, will have some effect over time, and some cars are more prone to these issues than others. So where the possibility of such issues is predictable, we make note of that in the Fit List. When the rack will not be in use for an extended period, it is a good idea to take the rack off of the car. You can also do a lot for yourself by: (1) Making sure the car is clean and well waxed prior to installing the rack, (2) Following all instructions for installation and usage, and (3) avoiding situations, like car washes, where the rack may be impacted.

      Q: Do I need any Tools to install the towers? A: Yes, but they are included right inside of the tower.


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