Waterproof/Breathable 101

April 01, 2014

Rain-wear...it’s not as simple as donning your K-Way jacket anymore, technology has made some progress. With
GORE-TEX®  developing the first Waterproof/Breathable fabric nearly 40 years ago the entire category took a turn in a drier, more comfortable direction. They introduced us all to the extraordinary idea of having a garment that will keep us completely dry while allowing the moisture we’re creating to escape, thus eliminating the clammy feeling on the inside and keeping us protected from the elements.
    Are they really completely waterproof? The answer is YES! All of our rain-wear has either a waterproof membrane or coating applied to the underside of the garment and a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment applied to the exterior. Providing its user with the best possible protection from the worst possible conditions.
    Now, how can it be breathable? Similar to our skin there are micro pores built into the laminate (GORE-TEX® , MemBrain® ) or coated technology (PreCip® , Dry.Q™ and HyVent® ) that allow heat vapour to escape without letting outside water in. the DWR finish enhances the breathability by ensuring the pores do not get clogged with water.
    Now, really, what does all this fancy science bring to the average user? Well, a great looking, comfortable article of clothing that keeps you dry on all of your adventures whether it be to walk the dog or hike the rolling hills of Scotland. Available in a rainbow of colours, styles for everyone and a price to match. Time to be dry and comfortable.