Touring Kayaks

***June 2020 Availability Update***
As you'll notice scrolling through our website, we are sold out of many models. An unprecedented amount of interest in kayaks combined with reduced production capacity from suppliers (due to Covid-19) has resulted in an industry-wide shortage of kayaks. We have more on order that are due to arrive late July and mid-August. If you're interested in a model, we're now accepting deposits on boats on order and expect to pre-sell many of the models coming in. Please contact us by email or phone if you'd like to place a deposit on an incoming kayak.

Touring kayaks (also known as Sea Kayaks) are best suited for larger bodies of water and covering longer distances. Some of these boats however do perform quite well for short paddles on smaller creeks. Some fairly standard features are fully sealed-off storage compartments, deck rigging, perimeter lines, and rudder or skeg systems to aid in inclement weather. Polyethylene plastic is still the material of choice for many paddlers, although thermoform plastic is available for those who want a high gloss, lighter weight option.