Source for Adventure

Outdoors Oriented, along with several other independent outdoor shops from across Canada, are part of a buying group called Source For Adventure. The Source For Adventure group is the outdoor division of Sports Distributors of Canada which is also known for the "Source For Sports" group. The increased buying power of the group helps us meet our goals of providing you with quality merchandise and competitive pricing.
Our collective expertise and experience makes us Canada’s leading outdoor retailers and this is only augmented with the fact that Source For Adventure members can draw on each others strengths, however, the independent nature of our stores is not compromised.

Each store is independently owned and operated and selection will vary within all stores.

Gift Cards

Source for Adventure gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at any participating store.
Click the card below to check the balance of a Source for Adventure Gift Card:

Please Note: Unfortunately due to technical limitations we are not able to sell or redeem the Source For Adventure gift cards through our online store at this time. We are able to manually process gift card redemption's for items online, but require you to contact us for instructions. We'd also be happy to process gift cards in person at the store.