Express Shopping at Outdoors Oriented

December 11, 2015

We’re about to enter the full swing of the busy Christmas season. Things to do, places to go and lots of gifts to buy. So here you stand with a couple items you had to pickup at the large chain store. There’s only two cashiers open; the regular one has three people with fully loaded shopping carts, but thankfully there’s an express good, its clogged with a person with a full cart of groceries. Express is not a word that is coming to mind at this very moment. The older gentleman in front of you is grumbling about how he just wanted to grab some lunch meat and shampoo. Get in and get out - not happening. So after finally checking through it's on to the next stop. This one should be easy, they have self check-out, but alas none of those are open and there’s only one cashier with another seemingly endless line.

Sound familiar??? It doesn’t have to – there’s a better way!

Shopping at these giants can seem convenient at first, but what you might have gained by saving yourself a stop, you could lose standing in a check-out line. The Niagara region is full of lots of fantastic smaller independent shops – places where you can park steps from the door, find a salesperson willing to help, and happy to cash you out quickly and easily. We fall into this category and have now taken convenience to the next level with the introduction of our e-commerce site earlier this year. This isn’t trying to take the place of good ‘ol fashion customer service, and for many items that’s still the key. But how about that one pair of Smartwool socks needed to fill a stocking, or that backpack that someone has asked for right down to the last detail? Buy it off the website, select in-store pickup (or free shipping over $50) and voila! You’ll have a shipping or pick-up confirmation email faster than you can believe. How can we work so fast? The beauty is that everything on the website is in the store, there’s no secret warehouse in Timbuktu, it’s here ready….and so are we. So this season give it a shot, shop the website or swing by and let us save you valuable time, and make everyone on your list happy!