Go Red or Go Home!

February 01, 2017

Go Red or Go Home!

Introducing Red Paddle Co.

It's February. It's cold (sort of). What better way to brighten your day than think about what you will do the second the sun comes out and it's warm?! I'm thinking water sports! Getting up early on a warm morning to hit the water on a new SUP with my favourite canine companion. Don't have a board yet, don't sweat it. Come see us at Outdoors Oriented and we will hook you up with the best in the business for inflatable SUP's...Red Paddle Co! Read on to find out what makes Red Paddle an industry leader and why it should be your first choice for inflatable SUP's.

What sets Red Paddle apart?

  • Durability – They've thrown the board off a roof, run it over with a big green tractor, and then hit the surf. You can't question the durability of these boards Click here to watch their durability test.
  • MSL Fusion - Stands for some big words, but what does it mean for you? It means removing human error and creating boards that are cosmetically sound, lighter, and stiffer at lower pressures.
  • Titan Pump – A dual-cylinder pump that makes getting your board up to pressure a breeze. No need for Popeye muscles when you have the Hi-Flo handle. It allows you to take the effort level down a notch when things get difficult.
  • Bag – It's not just the board that has been carefully thought out to provide you with an awesome experience. Hide-away backpack straps let you carry the whole package on your back if you have to hike to the water. Or, you can wheel it if you find yourself heading down a paved path or airport corridor. The bags are a simple front load design with lots of room for extra gear. The boards also come equipped with a repair kit, pump, and waterproof phone case to boot.
  • RSS (rocker stiffening system)- In select boards you will find the removable RSS system. These two battens run along the sides of the board making them up to 40% stiffer.
  • Inflatable boards is all they do, and they do them extremely well!

Why go inflatable?

  • Storage is a breeze. Forget trying to find a spot for that 11 foot hunk of material. Put this compact package in your closet, trunk, or under your bed. It's apartment friendly, no fuss no muss.
  • Transportation is no longer an issue. With this easy to carry board you can get to the water whether you have a fancy car roof rack or not. Wheel it, wear it, or throw it in your car... adventure awaits.
  • In a word, convenience. You get all the above stated benefits with NO sacrifice on performance. Why go any other way?

What does your favorite paddling shop (that's us, Outdoors Oriented!) have to offer?


  • 10'6” Ride MSL- If you only ever got one board, this would be the one we would suggest. MSL, Tech Air, and Ram Mounts (new in 2017) make this board an easy pick. It's the world's most popular inflatable at 120mm thick, has cargo tie downs, a smooth ride, and is predictable in surf. No tools/spares/replacements needed for this fixed fin model. Good for riders up to 220lbs.
  • 10'8” Ride MSL- Everything you get from the ride 10'6” with a wider surface and higher weight capacity (265lbs). Great for bigger riders or for a couple smaller riders (dogs like to go too!).
  • 11'3” Sport MSL- This one is a step up from the ride and would be recommended for more experienced riders. You will get more from a speed and performance perspective with it's narrower design to cut the water, and a long nose for glide. On this model you can change the fin to suit your fancy. Comes equipped with MSL, Tech Air, RSS, FCS, and Ram Mounts (2017).

So come on in and we will match you up with the right board to get the most out of the coming paddling season. Red Paddle Co has you covered.