How do you improve upon a legend? The 2019 Wilderness Systems Pungo

April 29, 2019

How do you improve upon a legend? The 2019 Wilderness Systems Pungo

"Don't mess with a good thing"

"How do you improve on perfection?"

"If it 'aint broke don't fix it"

All these sayings were no doubt weighing on Wilderness Systems designer's minds for many years when dealing with how to update the legendary Pungo. This is not just another kayak model. This is THE best selling recreational kayak model of all-time, and it didn't get there by accident. The Pungo series has always been the perfect blend of stability, speed, maneuverability and comfort. Other kayak manufacturers have always set their sights on building a better Pungo, and although some great designs have come along over the years, the Pungo has always been a step ahead. For 2019 the redesign was finally ready and we're excited that it's still a Pungo at heart, but with some great new features that should keep it at the top of every recreational kayaker's list.

What's changed?

- New sizes - The Pungo series has always had multiple sizes, but the most popular size has always been the 12' version. For the 2019 version, the 12' size has been split into a "120" and a "125" This offers a more appropriate fit for every body type. Small and medium size paddlers will find the 120 to fit more comfortably, while larger paddlers will appreciate a roomier fit in the 125 due to increased deck height and a slightly larger cockpit. There's also a shorter version available in the "105" which has all the same features, just a few feet shorter.

- New Dashboard - This removable console has always been a great feature of the Pungo, but the 2019 version has seen some major upgrades. It now features a removable drybox, two cupholders, and slidetrax rails that will accept accessories like fishing rod holders, or phone mounts. It also has a recess that will allow the Wilderness Systems lithium battery (sold separately) to be mounted to keep all your electronics charged up.

- New Deck Rigging Configuration - The deck rigging on the bow has changed and now allows paddlers to add specifically designed matching deck pouches (sold separately)


What's stayed the same?

- The hull shape - This is very similar to versions before and is a big part of what has helped the Pungo become so popular. The hull offers a great blend of stability,  speed and straight line tracking.

- Phase 3 AirPro Seat - Arguably the most comfortable sit-inside kayak seat available. It offers lots of adjustment and all-day comfort.

- Hinged rear hatch cover - Super quick and easy to get in and out of, and a large opening that accommodates large drybags.

We certainly think Wilderness Systems hit it out of the park with the redesign of the Pungo and we'd love to show you one in person. Stop by the shop to check one out!