Light up my everyday life.

November 15, 2017

Light up my everyday life.

Welcome to November! It's rainy, it's chilly, it's dark when you wake up, and it's dark when you get off work. But you don't let that stop you, you Canadian dog walking machine! So you pull on your coat and boots to take the pup for a much needed walk, and how does she thank you? By pooping on what's-his-name's-dog-haters lawn. You swear it was right there! You search, you squint, you sniff...and smush. Found it.

I'll let you in on my secret to avoiding the late night poop pancake...wear a headlamp! Many people believe headlamps are only for those hardcore outdoor enthusiasts exploring caves, but my headlamp sees much more action on a day to day basis. I use it walking the dog, running, and navigating the house when I fry the fuses. Check out the breakdown of headlamps below to see the styles you'll find available at Outdoors Oriented:



Lumens (Brightness)

Highlight Reel

Suggested Uses

Petzl E+Lite


-Ultra light and compact

-White light with emergency high visibility red light mode

-Emergency kits (house, vehicle)

*Petzl Tikkina


-Wide beam proximity lighting

-Long burn time


-Day to day indoor/outdoor use

*Petzl Tikka


- Multiple intensities, including red light mode (preserves night vision and doesn't blind your friends)

-Glows so you can find it in the dark

-Camping and travel

-Day to day indoor/outdoor use

*Petzl Tactikka


-Same features as Tikka but does not glow in the dark (super stealth!)

-Comes in camo and black to keep it low key

-Hunting and fishing

-Camping and travel

-Being a Ninja

*Petzl Actik


-Multibeam (wide or mixed) with proximity, distance, rapid movement and red lighting.

-Reflective headband with emergency whistle

-Running and fast paced activities

- Backpacking and mountaineering

*Petzl Actik Core


-Beefed up Actik with added CORE rechargeable battery.

-Running and fast paced activities

-Frequent Use

*Petzl Reactik +


-Connects to MyPetzl Light app

-Bluetooth Smart

-Reactive lighting mode that adjusts to conditions

-Trail running

-Backpacking and mountaineering

- Frequent Use

* Headlamps that are compatible with CORE rechargeable battery

Have you been enlightened? There is a headlamp for everyone you see! Nothing is more convenient then a hands free light that will help you whether you're looking for that thingy you dropped and rolled under the fridge, or tackling a late night run. If you still feel you are in the dark about headlamps, click here or stop by and we’ll show you the light!

PS - If you already have your headlamp and need a new toy, check out the Noctilight (carrying case that doubles as a lantern), or the Accu Core rechargeable battery pack. These also make fantastic gifts for that person that already has everything!

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