Cleaning your gear

March 21, 2017

Cleaning your gear

We've all been there. You're buying new boots, shoes, jackets, outdoor gear, etc. You have finally gained the courage to spend the money and invest your limited funds into the item knowing it is high quality and will last you a long time.

Then the sales person points you in the direction of the shelf with all of the waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning products. Now you’re thinking “get out of my face, I am already dropping enough money on your products!”. Instead you force a smile and respond “thank you, but not today” or  “I will think about it”. We both know you will never actually think about it.

What if I told you that by spending this extra $10 - $30 you could actually save yourself hundreds down the road by adding years to the life of the gear? One may buy a pair of new waterproof boots thinking “these are great, I will never have to worry about water getting through”. This is not necessarily the case. As waterproof products get dirty through natural wear and tear, the product loses its ability to breathe and keep water out. This goes for that $300 rain jacket you just bought as well as the $400 tent you got for your annual camping trip with your buddy Frank.

When purchasing these items it is worth it to actually consider spending that extra bit of cash to lengthen the life and effectiveness of you gear. Products like Nikwax Tech Wash are super important for effectively cleaning waterproof textiles. Once your muddy jacket is clean make sure to run it through another cycle with TX  Direct Wash-In to waterproof the material further. Nikwax also offers products like Down Wash Direct for your hydrophobic and regular down gear as well as Softshell Proof to help add water repellency and revive breathability.

Imagine heading out on your first day of a trip. The sun is shining and you are excited and relaxed. A few hours into it, your calm demeanor changes as you get hit by a nasty storm. Your boots are waterproof but you have had them for a few seasons now and you have really given them a beating. The trail takes a plunge into a muddy wet mess. Feeling confident like a pro, you trek on through this slop. A few minutes in you realize “Damn! A pro probably would have taken the Nikwax”. You struggle through the discomfort of wet soggy feet, then you notice more wetness. This time coming through your rain shell. Profanity ensues.

Finally you get to your site and set up your tent for the night. As you crawl into your tent and struggle to get the feeling back in your toes a droplet of cold rain water falls onto your forehead through the fly of your tent. After one final sigh of profanity you turn to your buddy Frank. Your regard for personal boundaries is out the window and you desperately ask him “can I please be the little spoon”.

Nikwax does tents too.