Headlamps & Lights

Black Diamond Astro 300 Headlamp

Black Diamond

$24.95 CAD


  • The simple yet versatile one lens and one switch headlamp for the user that doesn’t need any bells or whistles and just wants a simple light. This user has the need to run the lamp on alkaline batteries if caught away from a power source for a long camping trip.
    • Dual-Fuel: Power with three AAA Alkaline cells (included) or the rechargeable BD 1500 Li-ion battery and charger (purchased separately) for maximum flexibility
    • 300 Lumen max output
    • Settings include full strength, dimming and strobe
    • Brightness Memory allows you to turn the headlamp on and off at last used brightness level without reverting to max brightness
    • IPX4 Stormproof: withstands rain and sleet from any angle
    • Digital lock mode feature safeguards against accidental use when stored in a pack or pocket
    • Weight without batteries: 42g
  • Power Source
    Lighting modes Brightness Distance Burn time
    (33 g)
    6 lm 8 m 140 h
    MED 150 lm 35 m 8 h
    MAX 300 lm 55 m 4 h
    BD 1500
    LOW 6 lm 8 m 140 h
    MED 150 lm
    35 m
    12 h
    MAX 300 lm
    55 m
    6 h
  • Click Here for Care & Instructions