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Jetboil Flash - Wild


$164.99 CAD

  • Boiling water may not be rocket science, but doing it in 100 seconds takes a lot more than rubbing two sticks together. To create the new Flash, Jetboil challenged every aspect of their already iconic stove, modeling the combustion and selecting materials to optimize efficiency, speed and precision. The result is Jetboil's fastest-ever stove: a backcountry cooking system that cuts a full minute off their best boil time. Prepare for liftoff.
    • 1 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
    • New and improved easy on and off vessel connection
    • New and improved lid for better fit and function
    • New ergonomic design for easy hold and start
    • Thermochromatic, color-change heat indicator
    • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
    • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
    • Compatible accessories include Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, Pot Support, FluxRing Fry Pan, FluxRing Cooking Pot and Utensils
    • Weight: 13.1 oz / 371 g (System weight excludes fuel stabilizer)
    • Volume: 1 Liter Tall
    • Cooking Type: Boil Only
    • Fuel Regulator: No
    • Group Size: 1-2 People
    • Boil Time: 100sec per .5 liter (avg. over life of JetPower can)
    • Water Boiled: 10 liters per 100g JetPower Can
    • Ignition Type: Push Button

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