Kayak, Canoe and SUP 2022 Pre-Orders

Thanks for your interest in pre-ordering a kayak, canoe or SUP for 2022!

IMPORTANT - Please read over the following notes. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and therefore we need all customers to understand that even though we're accepting pre-orders, availability is constantly evolving and we cannot make any guarantees on delivery dates.

  • Due to production capacities, most of our kayak, canoe and SUP brands have given dealers a limited allotment of boats for 2022. Our allotments are less than we anticipate demand to be at, therefore we expect to sell-out many of our models prior to their arrival. We cannot add additional boats or boards beyond what we've already ordered.
  • Delta has informed us that they cannot guarantee colours. They've struggled with raw material availability and expect this to continue. There is a small chance you may be asked to update your colour selection when the order is built.
  • We cannot guarantee delivery dates. We have listed off all our orders below along with our latest information on the ETA. Our customer service team doesn't have any additional information than what's posted here.
  • Prices are subject to change. Your deposit will be placed based on the current pricing we've been given. However, some manufacturers have informed us that prices may need to be revisited if raw material, production, or transportation costs rise. Any increases (if applicable) would be a direct result of our suppliers increasing prices. In this event we will contact you for your approval to continue with the pre-order, or a full refund of your deposit.
  • Deposits are fully refundable with no penalty at any point up until delivery.


1) Contact us by phone, email or in person to discuss which model you're looking for. We'll then confirm the next availability.

2) Place a 20% deposit to reserve the boat or board. This can be done in person or over the phone.

3) Keep an eye on this page for updates on delivery status.

4) We'll contact you once your boat or board is available and ask you to arrange a pickup time within one month of it's arrival.

5) Get on the water and start making memories!

Shipment Delivery Status
Delta 2022 #1 Arrived, boats available now!
Delta 2022 #2 ETA June
Delta 2022 #3 ETA TBD
Old Town 2022 #1 Arrived, boats available now!
Old Town 2022 #2 Arrived, boats available now!
Nova Craft 2022 #1 Most arrived. Remaining boats ETA April.
Nova Craft 2022 #2 ETA TBD
Blu Wave 2022 #1 Arrived, boards available now!
Blu Wave 2022 #2 ETA July 2022
Red Paddle Co. 2022 #1 Arrived
Red Paddle Co. 2022 #2 Arrived
Red Paddle Co. 2022 #3 ETA June 2022
Wilderness Systems/Perception 2022

Models not specified below - June

Pungo 105 - June/July

Pungo 120 - June/July

Pungo 125 - August

Tarpon 105 - September