Adventure Andy Unbreakable Laces

Adventure Andy

$16.95 CAD

  • A broken shoelace can jeopardize the mission.

    These laces won't let that happen:

    • They're made of a material that's 15x stronger than steel, way stronger than Kevlar, and lighter than cotton.
    • They have a dry-touch waxed coating to help knots stay tight.
    • They don't absorb water so they won't freeze in cold temperatures. That means they'll untie no matter what.

    Use them wherever you need to count on your gear: Work boots, hiking boots, trail runners, hunting boots, military footwear, remote work etc...

    130cm laces are for low cut shoes with 5-6 pairs of eyelets
    160cm laces are for 6-inch boots with 7-8 pairs of eyelets.

    • Stronger than steel + Kevlar
      • These are made of 12-strand, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It's 15x Stronger-than steel, way stronger than Kevlar.
      Lighter than cotton
      • Plus a low stretch (elongation) factor and good resistance to environmental factors.
      +1,000lb breaking strength
      • These laces are overkill. They won't break even against more than 1,000lbs (454kg)
      Corrosion resistant
      • They resist corrosion from things like solvents, oils, acids, and alkalis that pop up throughout the work day.
      Waxed to stay stay tied
      • A dry-touch waxed coating keeps the laces tight on the job and the trail.
      Waterproof, won't freeze or rot
      • Perfect for remote work or trekking in cold conditions. You'll be able to untie these no matter what.
      • Plus, put them away wet and they stay mold free. They don't rot and weaken over time.
      Guaranteed for Life