Aquabound Bilgemaster Bilge Pump


$69.95 CAD

  • This kayak pumps work as if your life depended on them. Because someday it may. In a water fight, a BilgeMaster pump does what any kayak pump will do. But when you're fighting for survival, it's in a class by itself. Just compare features (see comparison tab). You'll see there's nothing like the BilgeMaster for yourself and your loved ones.
    • Floatable - high density foam sleeve
    • Easy to use- ergonomic T-grip, sleek profile
    • Attachable- modeled eyelet
    • Valve system made from high-density rubber for tighter seal and great efficiency
    • Removable inlet cover to clean out any debris
    • 17” pump removes 21 percent more volume compared to 14” pump
    • 17” pump works extremely well removing water from both a kayak and canoe