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Everything you need, nothing that you don't. Built for superior strength and durability, without sacrificing movement. When the job needs to get done, the Hardware belt is the essential tool in your gear kit.

Stiff Performance Stretch - Robust webbing with optimal stretch to allow bending and movement, while locking out to support weight of heavier apparel and tools
Ultra Durable Buckle - High density and high tensile strength plastic withstands more pressure than most zinc alloys
Easy On & Off - Tapered buckle design feeds easily through belt loops
Custom Fit - More precise than holes, micro-adjustable buckle dials in your exact fit
Enhanced Grip - Ridges molded on the buckle assist in a tight grip
Anti-Slip - Buckle mechanism prevents webbing from loosening while in use
Abrasion Resistant - Tightly woven fabric stands up to scuffs, pills, and tears with long term use
Travel Friendly - Metal-free buckle makes airport security a breeze
Belt Keeper - Elastic loop keeps excess belt tucked in place
Sizing: Standard - One size fits most, up to 40″ (101.6cm)
Width: 1.5" (3.81cm)