Bending Branches Angler Pro Fiberglass Versa-Lok

Bending Branches

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  • The 6x winner of ‘Angler Paddle of the Year’ award as voted by consumers in the YakAngler awards, marking it the best paddle in fishing.  The Angler Pro is commonly used by Bending Branches team members and competitive anglers for the optimal combination of weight savings and performance for the dollar. Compression molded fiberglass blades are renowned for their weight and longevity.  Fiberglass composite blades lay-up save many ounces in a paddle, resulting in an easy paddling stroke and less fatigue at the end of the day. The cross dimensional fiber weave mean the blades have a slightly amount of flex and forgiveness to them, so they may wear but tend to hold up well over the long-haul.  The blades shape design is renowned for offering a silky-smooth forward stroke with zero tolerance for fluttering, preserving your energy for longer paddling trips.

    • Feathering Angles:
    • Shaft Material:
      100% Carbon
    • Blade Material:
      Compression Molded Fiberglass
    • Blade Size (in.):
      7.25 x 18
    • Blade Surface Area (sq. in.):
    • Lengths:
      250-265 (cm)
    • Weight (oz):
    • Additional Features:
      Tape measure on shaft and Hook Retrieval in blade
  • In a sit-on-top kayak, if the seat is raised 6" or higher above the base, add 10cm in length.

    Kayak Width Under 23" 24" to 28" 29"-33" 34"+
    Paddler Height
    Under 5'5" 210-220 cm 220-230 cm 230-240 cm 250 cm
    5'5" - 5'11" 220 cm 230 cm 230-240 cm 250 cm
    6'+ 220-230 cm 230-240 cm 240-250 cm 250-260 cm