BUFF Merino Midweight Solid Black


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  • Merino Midweight Multifunctional Tubular. Created for versatility and protection against cold, Midweight Merino products are a good fit for fresh and cold weather. A warm and natural Merino wool tubular. Designed for those in search for a natural product, it provides a perfect fit for low and medium intensity outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. Ideal for mild and cool weather conditions.

    • One layer of natural Eco-Friendly Merino Wool of 250 gr/m².
    • 100% Produced using exclusively renewable resources and processes always respectful with the animals to minimize the effects on the ecosystem.
    • The Merino wool we use comes from the finest Australian Merino sheep, raised, cared for and sheared in the most respectful way.
    • Fabrics preventing any possible bacterial growth and to prevent a bad smells when used.
    • Composition: 100% Merino Wool