Delta 16 w/Skeg


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  • Excelling in rough seas, surf and wind, the elegant Delta 16 offers a balanced combination of manoeuvrability with excellent tracking to stay the course in challenging conditions. It easily keeps a quick responsive pace and has enough storage capacity for multi-day exploration. It features a low profile front day hatch, new Press-Lock Hatch System, proprietary bow and stern Paddle-Park, and Delta’s multi-position Contour II Seat System. Rounding off its features is a rudder for enhanced tracking or directional aid in rougher conditions.

    This product is made in Canada

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    • Dual Density Grab Handles - Ergonomic & easy on the hands
    • Paddle Park - Convenient system allows paddler to secure paddle blade while rehydrating, taking a picture or having lunch.
    • Press-Lock Hatch System - Innovative, colour matched, hard-shell covers provide a secure seal with easy on and off convenience
    • Day Pod - Accessible, low profile and out of the way, it’s perfectly placed to store essentials you may need to easily access during your paddle. Note: Electronics should be stored in a waterproof case or bag
    • Contour II Seat System - Provides excellent back support at multi-positions with quick adjustment and optimal comfort in a user-friendly design
    • Bulkheads (in cockpit, behind seat) - Curved to add strength and rigidity, with a built-in accordion hinge to allow for give when under stress
    • Paddle Float Rescue System – Raised lines and scalloped deck make paddle float re-entry a breeze
    • Recessed Bungle Lines - Bungee cords are recessed for a clean, no-snag deck making re-entry a breeze
    • Rear Hatch - Large, accessible hatches make loading and unloading your gear easy
    • Stern Spare Paddle Park – Raised bungee lines make it easy to secure and access spare paddle.
    • Delta Skeg System: The skeg line is housed in a tube and tucked away under-deck so it reduces the chance of snagging when loading and unloading gear. As a note, a skeg can be deployed at different increments so the paddler can determine the amount of aid in tracking needed. 
    • Made In Canada
  • Length 16'
    Width 22"
    Deck Height 12.25"
    Weight 48lbs.
    Capacity 330lbs.
    Cockpit Size
    Harmony Skirt/Cover Size
    Rudder/Skeg Skeg