Eureka Ignite 2 Burner Stove


$169.95 CAD

  • Cook the perfect meal for the crew on camping weekends with the Ignite Camping Stove, constructed with rugged, thick-gauge steel to deliver many years of use in the outdoors. Great for small groups, the Ignite offers an innovative simmer control for high-precision flame adjustment; 10,000 BTU burners go from a light simmer to full output.

    • Innovative simmer control for high-precision flame adjustment
    • 1,000 BTU burners go from a light simmer to full output
    • A push-button ignitor allows for fast, easy starts while the stove's compact size fits two 10-inch pans to create your campsite meals. A stainless-steel drip tray offers rust-free performance and easy cleanup.
    • Rugged, thick-gauge steel construction delivers many years of use.
    • Dependable latches keep the lid secure during transport.
    • JetLink compatibility allows you to connect from the output on other Eureka! stoves for camp kitchen flexibility (the Ignite must be the last line in a JetLink chain of linked stoves, it cannot be the starting point)
    • Compact size is perfect for small groups.
  • Fuel Type
    Ignition Type
    Push Button
    Power Per Burner
    10000 BTU/h
    18.5 in / 47 cm
    12.8 in / 32.5 cm
    Height 4 in / 11 cm
    10 lbs / 4.6 kg
    Burner Spacing
    10 in