Frommer's: 500 Extraordinary Islands

Wiley Publishing Inc

Frommer's 500 Best Islands features our selections for the best islands around the world - from tiny isles to island nations, and from well-trod to totally uninhabited.

Chapters are divided into:

  • Treasure Islands -- Islands that have a strong, distinctive local culture and personality
  • Leisure Islands -- Islands with a relaxed vibe and lots of land sports like hiking or biking
  • Pleasure Islands -- Islands famous for their partying and nightlife scenes
  • Beachcomber Islands -- Islands known for their beaches, diving, and watersports
  • Garden Isles -- Islands with lush or verdant landscapes, orchards, and local produce
  • Islands of Mystery -- Places that are somewhat remote and have a mystical and/or exotic vibe
  • Island Escapes -- Quiet, uncrowded spots for those who love nature and want a relaxed pace
  • Ends of the Earth -- Islands that are rugged, remote, hard to get to, and great for adventure lovers
  • Islands of History -- Islands known for specific historic events, and with landmarks to visit
  • Wildlife Islands -- Islands that are great for birdwatching, whale watching, and viewing rare species, as well as nature preserves
  • Island Nations -- Large islands with their own history and independent government
  • Island Cities -- Vibrant metropolises that have thrived as their own islands
  • City Islands -- Island enclaves within larger cities

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