Humangear Go Toob+ 1.7oz / 53mL 3-Pack


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Red, Orange, Clear
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  • The new GoToob+ keeps the features people love: it’s still made from soft, rugged silicone that’s easy to squeeze and gets every last drop out; still air travel approved (TSA); and food-safe (FDA). But the GoToob+ also offers a bunch of new features that no other soft travel bottle in the world has.

    The GoToob+ features a new, larger opening making it both easier to fill and clean. The bases of all the GoToob+ tubes have been contoured so that they can now stand up easily for even easier filling. There are larger size indicators on the silicone (making the size clearer to TSA agents so you can breeze through security), not to mention the tubes come in new shapes, sizes, and colors. And you haven't even heard about the patent-pending LoopLock[TM] yet.

    The GoToob+ collar has Humangear's exclusive LoopLock, which makes it almost impossible to accidentally open the cap, further reducing the chance of any leakage. The LoopLock can also be used to hang the tube from a hook or clip it to the outside of a pack. There’s also a textured area on the collar where you can write in the contents with a permanent marker - the texturing helps the ink stay in place and prevents it from being rubbed off.

    New, large size indicators on the tubes make their sizes clear to TSA agents, to help you breeze through security.  All GoToob+ are 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and Phthalate-free.

  • Materials:
    Tube: Silicone
    Cap Valve: Silicone
    ID ring and cap plastic: #5PP (polypropylene)
    All materials: FDA food-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-Free

    Capacities: Small - 1.7 fl. oz. / 53ml

    Dimensions (Length X Width X Height): Small - 50.8 X 82.55 X 38.1 mm (2 X 3.25 X 1.5 inches)

    Dry Weights: Small - 1.58 oz (45 grams)