Lat Long Haliburton Highlands Water Trails

Lat Long

$17.95 CAD

  • Rugged and yet accessible, the scenic Frost Centre and Poker Lake areas are the ideal gateway to long weekend wilderness escapades. By way of canoe routes of all difficulties, varied landscapes await, from an old-growth hemlock forest and wetlands teeming with wildlife, to a rare meromictic lake.


    • Map 1, printed one side, Frost Centre Area at 1:36,000
    • Map 2, printed one side, Poker Lake Area at 1:18,000
    • Map notes booklet
    • Ruler at scale/bookmark
    • All the above inside a map folder

    • Map 1: Frost Centre Area -  Scale 1:36000.
    • Map 2: Poker Lake Area -  Scale 1:18000.
    • Booklet: Map notes, tidily packaged in a map folder. Features campsites, navigation obstacles, trails and portages, points of interest, contours lines, and more.
    • Printed on very tough water and tear resistant FSC paper in Canada.
    • Printed one side with generous margins. Can be annotated with any pen or pencil, feels like paper.