Maps by Jeff East Algonquin

Maps by Jeff

$24.95 CAD

  • Waterproof, buoyant, and tear resistant is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features of Maps by Jeff.
    • Double Sided
    • Scale: 1:50,000

    Portage Elevation Profiles:
    “At least this portage is short.” Famous last words. It turns out that the hardest portages aren’t always the longest ones – they’re the ones with a mountain or two in the middle. Now, thanks to the portage elevation profiles, you’ll know where the hills are before you go.

      We bet you didn't know...
      • About all of the historical logging ruins scattered across Algonquin
      • Exactly which fish species you'll find throughout each lake, river and creek
      • Where to find all of the secret unofficial routes that will help you find solitude faster
        But now you will - and that's just the beginning.

      "Are we there yet!?"
      Setting up your tent at 9pm since *someone* overlooked the seemingly endless number of twists & turns on the Tim River fun. There's no need to go through that again though. Now, both rookie and expert trippers alike can quickly and easily plan reasonable trips using the travel times printed on the map.

        This product is made in Canada