Gear Aid Aquaseal Shoe Repair - 28g

Gear Aid

$11.95 CAD

  • Fix footwear permanently at home or in the field with Aquaseal SR. Formerly known as Freesole, this shoe repair adhesive is waterproof and dries as a clear, flexible glue that lasts for years. With just one small 1 oz tube, easily complete a boot repair, create durable toe protectors, and rebuild worn heels. Unaffected by heat or cold, make heavy duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements whether at a jobsite or on a mountaintop. From rubber boots to steel-toe shoes and everything in between, repair and reinforce your footwear with Aquaseal SR.

    • Durable– Tough urethane adhesive bonds permanently to surfaces and dries as a clear rubber that’s weather-resistant
    • Flexible – Cures to a stretchy rubber that bends with all types of footwear including cleats, sneakers, work boots and sandals
    • Abrasion Resistant – Keeps gear looking good by withstanding scrapes and scratches
    • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time
    • All-purpose– Bonds to leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, and canvas shoes
    • Material: thermoset urethane
    • Color: clear
    • Adheres To: leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, canvas, and nylon
    • Application Temperature: 15° to 37°C / 60° to 100°F (above 40% relative humidity)
    • Cure Time: 8-12 hours
    • Use Temperature: -29° to 82°C / -20° to 180°F
    • Storage: store in bag in freezer
  • Instructions
    1. Clean and dry surface. Roughen smooth surfaces.
    2. RE-BOND SOLES: Apply evenly and cure overnight with weight or tape
      REPAIR RANDS: Apply into gap with toothpick. Tape firmly closed until cured.
      RE-BUILD HEELS: Roughen surface, tape around sole edge to form dam, apply onto area and cure overnight.
    3. Storage: Replace cap and store in the freezer.