MSR Guardian Pump Replacement Cartridge


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  • This replacement filter cartridge restores your Guardian Purifier’s flow rate, and lasts up to 10,000+ liters.  Removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and particulates, like dirt and sediment. 

    Ships to Canada Only
    • Ultimate Protection: Meets NSF protocol P248, testing standard used by U.S. military, for removal of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and sediment from “worst-case” water conditions.
    • Long-Lasting: Leading-edge hollow fiber cartridge treats up to 10,000+ liters.
  • Effective against protozoa Yes
    Effective against bacteria Yes
    Effective against viruses Yes
    Effective against particulate Yes
    Effective against chemicals/toxins No
    Weight 6 oz / 180 g
    Filter media Advanced Hollow Fiber
    Filter pore size 0.02 microns
    Flow (L/min) 2.5 liters per min
    Cartridge life 10,000+ liters
    Field cleanable Self-Cleaning
    Field maintainable Yes
    Cartridge replacement indicator Yes