Outdoors Oriented V-Strap

Outdoors Oriented

$22.95 CAD

  • This strap is used to connect the bow and stern of the kayak or canoe to two mounting points under the front and back of the vehicle. They incorporate a hook at each end of the "V" to make attaching under the car quick and easy, and a cam buckle for quick and secure length adjustment. Use these straps in conjunction with matching "belly" cam-straps.
    • Maximum usable length: 7 feet
    • Nylon V-Strap with cam buckles used for attaching the bow or stern of canoes or kayaks to the front or back of your vehicle.
    • Steel hooks allow for easy mounting to the canoe or kayak and on the other end, a location on your vehicle frame.
    • Some vehicles have plastic covering their undersides, in this instance we recommend also purchasing "Hood Loops" which allows the V-Strap to be secured to these loops that are secured under the hood.
    • Sold individually
    • Two of these straps are needed to secure both the bow and stern.