Pristine PRISTINE Camp/Cottage Kit


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    • Proven 99.99% effective
    • Purifies up to 240 litres of water
    • Treats bacteria, virus & protozoa including Giardia & Cryptosporidium.
    • Iodine free product.
    • Perfect for cabin, on-site location or part of an emergency preparedness kit.
    • Ideal for RV, boat potable water holding tanks.
    • Ultra light and compact.
    • Contains no free chlorine.
    • Easy solution to prepare for treating uncut fruits and vegetables that are suspect of bacterial contamination.
    • Leaves no after taste or odor in treated water.
    • Proven, safe and effective for drinking water treatment in a 15 minute process.

    *** Please Note: Packaging differs from what is shown in the picture ***
      • To Treat Bacteria, Virus & Giardia

        1. Place equal parts of Pristine Part A and Pristine Part B in a clean cup to pre-mix.
          Use following ratios per container:
          10 L - 1/2 tsp. Part A and 1.2 tsp Part B
          20 L - 1 tsp. Part A and 1 tsp Part B
        2. Let Pristine mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation. The solution will turn bright yellow and will give off a strong chlorine-type odour (there is no free chlorine in the solution).
        3. Fill container with appropriate volume of water and add activated mixture.
        4. Shake or stir contents, rinse all potential drinking surfaces with the mixed solution, and let stand for 15 minutes before drinking.
      • Chlorine Dioxide (Water Purifier) Information:

        ClO2 is effective against the following water contaminants:
        • viruses
        • water bacteria
        • giardia
        • cryptosporidium
        • botulism
        • e. coli
        • cholera

        ClO2 Eliminates and treats the following water contaminants:
        • many pollutants found in waste water
        • cyanides in wastewater
        • nitrites and sulfides
        • potential carcinogenic substances such as 3,4-benzopyrene
        • iron and manganese in water
        • tastes and odors produced by algae
        • the dyes produced by chlorophyll and plants
        • pesticides

        ClO2 Water Purification and Water Treatment Chemical Advantages:
        • Does not produce THMs as chlorine does
        • Does not give rise to the formation of chloroform and bromochloromethane as chlorine does
        • Does not react with ammonia, nitrogenous compounds or precursors to form chloroform as chlorine does