Salus Nimbus Denim


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  • The Salus Nimbus makes water play safer for children and more relaxing for adults. All PFD’s float but they can’t save lives if children won’t keep them on. Designed for comfort and soft to the touch, the Nimbus encourages children to wear it for hours at a time. Specially contoured to hug little bodies, children will get the best fit, mobility and safety at the water’s edge, while swimming, or boating.

    ***Please Note: The colour and pattern on the inside of the PFD differs from what is shown***

    This product is made in Canada
  • “Cool Kid’s Stuff”
    Rapid Magazine
    Summer 2001


    The Salus Nimbus Children’s Vest is the primo of primo kid’s PFD. With an exclusive round edge design using Ensolite foam, the Nimbus is softer around the arms giving kids greater mobility and comfort. A drawstring bottom and elasticized back make for a proper fit. The leg harness is essential to keep the vest in proper position and eliminate ride-up. The Nimbus is available in sunny yellow or cool aqua green to meet the standards of the most fashion-conscious tykes (or parents). All Salus Marine Wear is designed and manufactured in Canada.


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    “Tips on choosing your child’s PFD”
    Adventure Kayak Magazine
    December 2001


    Choose the PFD that most accurately describes the weight of your child, remembering to include the weight of any paddling gear they may be wearing. A wet diaper can add an additional weight of up to 4 lbs. For big boned children with low body fat you may wish to have a bit more floatation. The CCG advises that infants under twenty pound should not be brought on the water. The disproportional head size and upper body weight of an infant causes too great a risk of inversion in the water which cannot be prevented by PFD design.

    If you night paddle look for a sewn loop on the collar of the jacket to hold a light or glowstick. Many jackets have reflective piping and tape sewn on for improved low light visibility.

    A whistle can be attached to a separate lash point rather than to the zipper preventing the zipper from lowering under the weight of the whistle. Ensure that your child understands that the whistle is not a toy. It is a signalling tool only to be used in an emergency.

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    – The floatation collar required on all PFDs for children and youths under 90lbs will help keep a child’s head floating face up in the water
    – Little people have little or no waist to help keep the jacket from riding up on their rib cage, children’s PFDs have a crotch strap to help keep the jacket down. Rear fastening crotch straps are not common but they are less likely to be accidentally opened and are more comfortable for the child
    – A grab loop on the collar is a must for quick extraction from the water
    – It is now possible to find colours and prints that children will enjoy wearing. Rember though, yellow, orange and red remain the most visible colours in the water and the easiest to spot as your child wanders down the beach
    – Drawstring closures for waist and other adjustments are less likely to pinch an errant bit of skin from your child’s tender spots than plastic buckles

    Salus Marine Wear’s Nimbus Children’s Vest is available in gold or teal in all three children’s sizes with Ensolite rounded edge foam design for comfort.



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    “Marine Seen”
    Boating Business Magazine
    March/April 2002


    Safety doesn’t cramp your style with Salus Marine Wear personal flotation devices. Ensolite soft foam, high-end labelling, and round-edge design produce wearable, comfortable PFDs. Six styles available include the Nimbus vest in infant, child and youth sizes; the Comfort Fit, in four adult sizes, for canoe and general boating; the Abacus for dinghy sailors; the Darwin for kayaking; and the Antigua pullover jacket for offshore use.

    Contact Salus Marine Wear Inc.
    Kitchener, ON
    Tel.: (519) 579-3131


    “Small Company with a Big Difference”
    Ontario Sailor
    January/February 2003


    SALUS Marine Wear is a small manufacturing company with a BIG difference.

    “We make PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) that deserve to be worn,” says president Steve Wagner. All of the Salus products – from our entry level children’s vest to high performance sail and kayak vests – are consumer driven with comfort, style, fit and utility at the forefront of every design. The foremost consideration in any PFD is wearability – defined as something you will WANT TO wear. And Salus PFDs are most certainly wearable.

    SALUS is proud to announce that the Canadian Yachting Association CYA is outfitting the Canadian Sailing Team  with the ABACUS sailing vest.

    For more information call 1-877-418-9998



    “Salus means safety”
    Boating Industry Magazine
    April 2004


    Four years ago, when Steve Wagner developed the thinking behind Salus Marine Wear, it was to ensure that people wore their personal flotation devices (PFDs). Steve looked at conventional PFDs for all areas of boating; kayaks, canoes, power and sail. He videotaped the users of the jackets and then talked with them about what they liked and didn’t like about their current flotation devices.

    Wagner is a graduate of Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design. After designing PFDs and hockey equipment, Steve saw an opportunity for an innovative product. He launched Salus at the 2001 Toronto International Boat Show and his staff has grown to over a dozen.

    In an interview with the Toronto Star, Wagner was questioned about setting up in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. His response was that the closing of many companies in the so-called needle trade (Greb boots, Kaufman footwear and Arrow shirts) left a large experienced labour pool there to draw from.

    Boating Industry Canada had the oppontunity to meet with Steve at the annual Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBA) dinner in January where Salus was presented with the Marine Manufacturer’s Award for a technological development improving boating safety or the environment.

    A story told at dinner about how Salus names all of its PFDs highlighted one name in particular as having great significance. While conducting a photo shoot for the kayaking vest, Steve had to clamber down an embankment and cross a stream to get to the area where the kayakers were being photographed. With the stack of PFDs stacked neatly on his back, Steve stepped into a deep area of the stream and completely disappeared! Only the bundle of PFDs was visible.

    Everyone knows that a PFD will float you safely when properly worn. A half dozen PFDs strapped to your back should not be considered “appropriate” and will not do what a single vest is intended to do. Fortunately for all of us, Steve extricated himself and continued on, albeit a little wet, to complete the photo shoot. The new PFD is now aptly known as the Darwin, after the award named in honour of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution.

    The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honouring those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it. Steve is definitely not a candidate.

    Salus Marine Wear offers eight lines of flotation devices, from the Nimbus for children, through the Abacus – adopted by the Canadian Yachting Association as the offical vest of the CYA high performance sailing team and their coaches – to the Antigua, an offshore pullover and jacket.

    Safety, comfort, design and looks all add up to a product that has made an impact on the Canadian boating scene in only four short years. Steve’s tireless support of his retailers at all of the major shows is his personal trademark. We look forward to watching the hard work pay off for Salus Marine Wear.


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