Salus Skippy Dog Vest


$98.95 CAD


  • Most dogs can swim but they have more fun in the water and you have greater peace of mind, when they wear the Salus Skippy dog vest. The Skippy uses Cordura® nylon for durability. Flotation under the belly and chest give greater buoyancy, lift and comfort against the belly-lifting straps. Tummy-saver padding helps protect active dogs. Two-handle straps make it easy to grab and lift your heavier playmate out of the water.

    This product is made in Canada
  • “Gear Hound”
    Adventure Kayak Magazine
    Summer 2004


    Dogs are inherently good swimmers – they even have a popular stroke named after them. But if you are putting your dog in any situation where the “doggy paddle” may be inadequate – whitewater or surf for example – it is your responsibility to set your hairy friend up with the best flotation money can buy. There are a few critical details to look for in any flotation device for your dog; a secure method of attachment, proper buoyancy distribution, and a handle. The need for a handle becomes apparent when one tries to help a terrified terrier or neurotic Newfoundlander back aboard a semi-swamped kayak!

    Salus Skippy Dog Vest
    What puts Skippy ahead of the pack is the foam zone; the back of the coat is mesh and foam wraps the belly, chest and sides instead. Doggy floats higher, and when lifted his weight is distributed across the padding – nowhere do straps touch fur. Three clip attachments with buckles on the opposite side for a centred fit in case Dog chews too many sea biscuits and beefs up. One open-topped mesh pocket. Two handles for heaving waterlogged heavies. Canadian made. 

    “Pet Safety Ahoy!”
    Canadian Yachting Magazine
    October 2004 

    The new designs and fabrics have made for a better fitting, cooler and safer life jacket for your other best friend. Just think of the logistics of trying to rescue your dog from some rough water with no hands to grasp, the inability to communicate and maybe a high free board that creates an insurmountable barrier. I love  giving gifts that are really for me.