Sea to Summit Delta Bowl

Sea to Summit

$12.95 CAD

Pacific Blue

  • Continuing to push the innovation boundaries, the Sea to Summit designers have created the ultimate in outdoor dinnerware. Lightweight, practical and made from a durable, odor resistant material. Delta tableware features the patented Protex™ hex pattern base which reduces weight and lessens the surface temperature so they can be held comfortably with hot foods or liquids inside.

    • Lightweight: Bowl - 2.8 oz / 79g
    • Protex™ base - patented hex pattern design disperses heat through surface area and reduces weight
    • Ultra-durable Nylon 66 can withstand high heat and cold
    • Odor and stain resistant, dishwasher safe
    • BPA FREE
    • Easy hold thumb loops for convenient grip and for attaching/hanging
    • Delta Bowl has measurement increments for getting those campsite recipes right
    • Delta Bowl holds 25 oz (750 ml)
    • Proper Use: Please note that Delta products should not be used in a microwave

  • Length: 6.25 in
    Weight: 2.7 oz/78g
    Volume: 27 oz / 800 ml