Silva Scout 3XTH Headlamp


$84.95 CAD

  • Scout 3XTH is a lightweight and all-round headlamp designed for everyday outdoor adventures. It has a red light mode for preserved night vision, a battery lever indicator, and more powerful light output of 350 lumen in comparison to the Scout 3X. Scout 3XTH features Hybrid technology which means that the battery compartment is compatible with both the included rechargeable Silva hybrid battery (1.25 Ah) and standard 3xAAA batteries.

    Scout 3XTH features Silva Intelligent Light® which is a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light. This customization of the light results in less head movement and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, and you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better.

    This is an easy to use headlamp; the large on/off button makes it easy to operate the headlamp even when wearing gloves and the battery level indicator informs about the remaining charge level when turned off. Furthermore, Scout 3XTH is water resistant according to IPX5 standard. The low weight of the headlamp and the wide anti-slip headband ensure a comfortable fit even during long usage.

    • Lightweight and comfortable, perfect for outdoor adventures.
    • Silva Intelligent Light, combining long reach spot light and close flood light.
    • Night vision mode, the red light preserves your night vision.
    • Battery level indicator.
    • Hybrid technology, enabling use with a rechargeable battery or 3xAAA batteries.
    • Hybrid battery 1.25AH and charge cable included.
    • Attachment: Headband
    • Battery: 1.25Ah Hybrid Battery: 3.7V & 4.6WH
    • Bulb type: 2 x semi high power LEDs
    • Light distance: 65m
    • Light modes: Max, Min, Red/Night
    • Light output: 350 Lumen
    • Material: ABS, PC, TPU, Aluminum
    • Water resistance: IPX5 – water resistant
    • Weight (incl. batteries): 104g

      Lumens Burn Time -5°C Burn Time +20°C Light Distance
    Max Mode 350 lm 3 hrs 3 hrs 35 m / 213 ft
    Min Mode 50 lm 25 hrs 25 hrs 30 m / 98 ft