Wilderness Systems Solar Panels

Wilderness Systems

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  • The Solar Panels ensure that your kayak electronics stay powered-up all day, even while underway. Small in size, but large in power the rigid solar panels are water resistant and feature a built-in charging meter and a modern USB connection. The Solar Panels are easily installed and removed with SlideTrax-ready attachments, allowing for quick and temporary mounting for protection when transporting your kayak, while the panels themselves fold up for compact storage.

    • Compact design
    • Built-in charging meter
    • Powerful charging capability
    • USB connection
    • Rigid, water-resistant and foldable
    • SlideTrax compatible
    • Output: 5Volt, 1Amp
    • Peak power: 8 watts
    • Working voltage: 5.0V-5.25V
    • Solar conversion rate: 17%
    • Output port: USB
    • Output current: 1000mah
    • Configuration:
      • 2 monocrystalline panels
      • Water resistant, folding nylon case
      • USB port and control PCB on back
    • Ships with:
      • Solar panels in water resistant nylon casing
      • 4 bungee ball attachment tethers
      • Protection Circuitry: over current, short circuit, over charge, over discharge